Tourist Attractions in Turkey


Tourist Attractions in Turkey

With the most exotic rock formations in the world, one of the countries with the most cultural and historical diversity of humanity. The passage of a river that divides two continents and Four Seas with their respective beaches. Turkey is an ideal country for vacation. Whether resting on a paradise beach or Touring Years and years of history, this beautiful country will dazzle you from the first second to the last of your stay. Let’s check tourist attractions in Turkey.


1. Istanbul

If you travel to Turkey you should definitely visit its largest city. Istanbul was the capital of three empires (Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman) and its wealth and cultural diversity are immeasurable. Visit the amazing Sofia and the Blue Mosque, haggle at the Grand Bazaar, the largest market in the world, or marvel at the natural landscapes of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus. These are some of the experiences that this city has saved you.


2. Cappadocia

This historic region is a natural jewel as exotic as it is unique and beautiful. Millions of years of erosion that the wind has left on the rocks formed an impressive landscape before the eyes of the human being. In addition, among these unique mountains, stand out culture and a history that has known to be the cradle of civilizations. Located in the heart of Turkey, Cappadocia is an invaluable treasure. Small villages such as Göreme, the ruins of Mount Golgoli, deep canyons and a more than interesting Christian tradition are enough to leave any tourist amazed.


3. Ephesus

This is one of the most established and best-protected urban areas in the Mediterranean by Pompeii. An enormous number of Greek and Roman demolishes that the site continues making it a spot that you cannot miss. One of the Seven Wonders of the world (the Temple Of Artemis) is here. What’s more, the library of Celso, the cavern of the seven Dormilones, the House of the Virgin Mary and the incredible reestablished theater, are different landmarks of intrigue that will truly cause you to don’t lament having headed out to this recorded and social relic of mankind.


4. Pamukkale

These awesome normal calcareous pools situated in southwestern Turkey are another must-see goal. With a scene that appears as though cotton palaces, this special site offers regular warm showers at 53º C that notwithstanding having helpful properties, offer extraordinary perspectives on the planet.

tourist attractions in turkey bay of kekova

5. Bay of Kekova

A true jewel of nature and history. The islands and the turquoise water of this place will invite you to stay and Rest in a Quiet Place that has managed to preserve its rich and traditional architecture without large hotels or buildings. In addition, Kekova stands out for a large number of historical ruins there. It is also a good place to buy handicrafts and typical local products.

tourist attractions in turkey The Mediterranean Coast

6. The Mediterranean Coast

There are beautiful beaches on the Aegean coast and the Black Sea. However, in the Mediterranean you will find the most paradisiacal beaches in Turkey. The city of Antalya with its waterfalls and its beautiful Clock Tower, Cirali Beach. On the other hand, The city located between an archaeological site and a nature reserve. Also, short cruises along the coast are just some of the things you have here to enjoy. In addition, for nightlife lovers, Antalya is a city that you won’t be able to leave easily. The Mediterranean coast of Turkey has for all tastes: tranquility, unique beaches, history, beautiful scenery, and lively nightlife.

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