Russian drone hits grain infrastructure in Odesa region: governor

Russian drone hits grain infrastructure in Odesa region: governor

A Russian drone attack hit grain infrastructure in Ukraine’s southern Odesa region on Wednesday, the local governor said, the latest strike since the collapse of a deal allowing safe shipments from the Black Sea.

“There are hits on production and transshipment complexes… Granaries were among the damaged objects,” Oleg Kiper wrote on Telegram, adding there were no civilian casualties.

Air defence forces had destroyed nine Iranian-made Shahed attack drones during the strike, Ukraine’s southern military command said in a statement.

“The enemy targeted granaries and a production and transshipment complex in the Danube,” it said.

“A fire broke out in the warehouse, the fire was promptly contained. Firefighters continue their work.”

Since exiting the United Nations-brokered deal Moscow has pounded Ukraine’s southern Odesa and Mykolaiv regions that are home to ports and infrastructure vital for shipment of grain.

Last week the first civilian cargo ship sailing through the Black Sea from Ukraine arrived in Istanbul in defiance of the Russian blockade.

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