Road Trip Around Ireland

road trip around ireland

Road Trip Around Ireland

Ireland is a small country, measuring 280 kilometers wide and 486 kilometers long. Therefore, the entire island can be viewed in 1-2 weeks. Road trip around Ireland is easier than your think.

Public transport in Ireland has its own characteristics. If you do not want to go into them, then the best option for you is to rent a car. Keep in mind that the roads in Ireland are very narrow and small, and we recommend renting a medium-sized car, so you will be much more comfortable to travel.

the sights of dublin

The Sights of Dublin

We will begin our journey through Ireland with Dublin. Dublin is a compact city, filled with the sound of Irish songs and the noise of national dances, and even a couple of days will be enough for you to get a good idea of the capital of Ireland.

In the center of Dublin is Trinity College; founded in the 16th century by Queen Elizabeth I. Trinity College has long been one of the main decorations of the city and the repository of a million books and rare manuscripts. The most famous of them is the book of Kells, created by local monks. If you don’t have time to explore the entire library and Trinity College, try to see at least a book-the main cultural treasure of Ireland.

But Trinity College is not the most popular attraction in Dublin, despite its cultural significance and ancient history. This honorary title is the Guinness beer Museum, which is where most tourists begin their journey to Dublin and all of Ireland. Here you will learn interesting facts about brewing and will be able to try a free pint of Guinness beer in the Gravity Bar at the Museum. Even if you are not a fan of the dark drink, visit the Guinness beer Museum is worth it to enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Dublin, which opens from the Windows of the seven-story Museum.

the rock of cashel and the castle

The Rock of Cashel and The Castle

After visiting the sights of Dublin, we will head towards the rock Cashel-167 kilometers from the capital. The trip will take about 2 hours.

The history of the rock of Cashel and the castle of the same name has an interesting legend, according to which the rock appeared when St. Patrick the patron Saint of Ireland expelled the devil from a cave in the mountain, located near Cashel. The embittered demon bit off a piece of the mountain, but, breaking a tooth, immediately spat back a fragment of the mountain, which later became the rock of Cashel. But this is just a folk tale: according to geological data, the rock appeared in this place long before St. Patrick appeared in Ireland.

For a long time, Cashel rock was the residence of the kings of Munster. The top of the cliff is crowned by a complex of buildings with unique architecture, including the chapel of Cormac and the Cathedral of Cashel. It also houses a collection of Celtic art.

A Trip To Cork’s Main Attractions

After visiting the residence of the kings of Munster, we will continue our journey to cork the second largest city in Ireland. It takes one hour to drive to Cork.

Unfortunately, tourists often ignore Cork, although it is one of the friendliest and cozy cities in Ireland. Moreover, the locals believe that if you want to get a taste of Ireland, it can only be done in Korea, but not in Dublin.

Getting to know Cork traditionally begins with the English market, which is located in the city center. This is one of the city’s oldest markets where you can buy the freshest local products. These are meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, and homemade cheeses and so beloved by the Irish tripe.

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