Requiem For A Dream Quotes

requiem for a dream quotes

Requiem for a dream quotes

The main characters are mother and son, Sarah and Harry Goldfarb, Harry’s girlfriend Marion silver and Harry’s friend Tyrone Love. The film is set over three seasons; summer, autumn, and winter. During this time, the lives of the four heroes are rapidly and brutally destroyed. Here some requiem for a dream quotes.

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  • I was constantly told that I was beautiful, brunette, and beautiful, as if this should make me all right. Don’t worry, honey, you’re a beauty, you’ll be all right. My mother was crazy about it. As if it was the alpha and omega of existence. It’s like if you’re beautiful, you don’t have anything to dream about, you don’t feel pain, or despair, or loneliness. Why are you so unhappy, you’re so beautiful?
  • She had no idea what she would have to do with other girls. She knew what she would have to do with men, but sex with girls shocked her. She almost threw up. But she knew why she was doing what she was doing, and that made it easier. It was only later, when it was over, that she began to remember all the books she had read, the photographs she had giggled over. It wasn’t what she was doing that bothered her, but the ease with which she did it. And when she shared heroin with other girls, she knew it was worth it.
  • She felt loved. And necessary. Harry felt real. He felt all the missing parts begin to fall into place. He felt that something very important was happening to him. They both became one. They felt completely united. And despite the fact that they were lying on an ordinary sofa, they felt part of the vast universe. They felt as if they were on top of a hill, and the soft breeze stirred Marion’s hair; they walked through the sunlit forest and through the flower-strewn glades, feeling at the same time like birds soaring in the sky and singing songs of freedom…

Movie Requiem For A Dream Quotes

  • They laughed and hugged each other, kissing each other slowly at first, then more passionately, then Harry pulled back and looked passionately at Marion: I love you, and kissed her nose, then her eyes, cheeks, then soft lips, chin, neck, ears, then buried his face in her hair and gently stroking her back, whispered: Marion, Marion, I love you, and she moved softly in time, feeling they passed through her, taking away all her worries, fears, doubts, and problems, and she felt truly alive.
  • God, she seems to have spent her whole life waiting. But what? Waiting for life. Yes, that’s right, waiting for life. I think she thought about it during the next course of therapy. “Waiting for life.” Attitude to life as a rehearsal.
  • And so they sat, relaxed, listening to music, discussing plans for the future, and the heroin continued to travel through their blood, whispering sweet dreams to every cell of their bodies.
  • Winter came early. It seemed like good autumn days, when the air was fresh and clear, the sky was blue and the clouds were fluffy, the sun was warm and the shade was cool. The perfect time of year. And suddenly everything becomes gray, dank, rainy, and cold and the sun at once lose all heat.
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