Putin calls for ‘severe’ response to foreign efforts to destabilise Russia


Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Wednesday for a “severe” response to foreign agents who aim to destabilise Russia by aiding Ukraine.

“The Kiev regime with direct support of foreign special services has taken the path of terrorist methods, practically state terrorism,” Putin said in a video address.

“These are acts of sabotage against civilian sites, transport and energy infrastructure, attacks against civilians and representatives of authority,” he said.

Numerous sabotages on Russian railroads and drone attacks attributed to Ukraine have been reported since Moscow launched its offensive in Ukraine in February 2022.

“The attempts by foreign special agents to destabilise the political and social situation in Russia must be severely stopped,” Putin said in his address on security agency workers’ day.

“Security services have no easy task. But you have all the necessary potential, all the possibilities in order to ensure the security of the state, of society and our citizens.”


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