Most Expensive Hair Straightener

most expensive hair straightener

Most Expensive Hair Straightener

Since the final result depends on the quality of the device, it is important to choose a suitable hair iron. Because of the huge range of products for the buyer, this is not an easy task. It is necessary to take into account the technical data of the device to make the purchase meet expectations. You can want to buy the most expensive hair straightener.

Our top 5 most expensive hair straighteners include models with optimal performance and the most useful features:

  1. Philips HP8344 care and control
  2. REDMOND RCI-2312
  3. Starlight MA Iht Tourmaline Digital 5D (GI0102)
  4. BaByliss PRO BAB2072WTE/PRE/GAP
  5. MA Elegance Red Bloom (GI0205/GI0206/GI0207)

Philips HP8344 Care and Control

Philips HP8344 Care and Control

  • Working surface made of ceramics
  • Power 45W
  • Heating temperature up to 230 °C
  • Ionization
  • 14 modes

The best hair iron heats up quickly, it can be used in 30 seconds. It provides perfect styling of any type of hair because it has 14 temperature modes, that is why we put the first place in most expensive hair straightener top list. Any user will be able to find a suitable one for straightening their strands. Ionization reduces the level of moisture loss from each hair, removes static, and gives the curls softness, smoothness, natural Shine.


  • Working surface made of ceramics
  • Power 45W
  • Heating temperature up to 200 °C
  • 7 modes

The device is included in the top of the best hair irons due to its low price and good functionality. Here, 45 watts of power is a decent indicator of a budget device. It is quite enough for home use and smooth alignment.

Ceramic coating provides uniform heat distribution, does not spoil the strands. Floating plate technology protects the latter from excessive compression by hot ceramic surfaces during installation. When the pressing force exceeds the required level, the plates go deeper into the body, thus compensating for the excess pressure. Serve as a kind of shock absorber.

GA.Starlight MA Iht Tourmaline Digital 5D (GI0102)

GA.Starlight MA Iht Tourmaline Digital 5D (GI0102)

  • Working surface made of tourmaline
  • Power 40-45 W
  • The highest heating temperature is 230 °C
  • Ionization
  • 8 modes

The best professional hair iron in our top is popular with stylists-hairdressers due to its excellent functionality, high-quality protection of strands and optimal cost. It combines the effects of ozone, infrared heating technology, and ionization. Ozone has a healing effect on the strands, stimulates the processes of microcirculation in the scalp.

Ions remove static electricity charges, smooth hair cuticles, seal scales, and provide their brightness, natural Shine. Tourmaline coating creates infrared heat that warms the strands from the inside, without damaging their outer layer.


The model is suitable for professional use. This is an ultra-thin case. The size of the plates is 120 * 24 mm. therefore; the iron cannot only align but also create beautiful curls. The plates have a ceramic coating that provides easy sliding, evenly distributing heat during installation.

The power here is 60 watts. There is a thermostat that allows you to select the desired temperature from the 5 proposed positions. The maximum heating is 230 °C. The Network cable rotates, its length is as much as 2.7 m, which expands the working area of the Barber.

GA.MA Elegance Red Bloom (GI0205/GI0206/GI0207)

GA.MA Elegance Red Bloom (GI0205/GI0206/GI0207)

The model is included in the rating of good hair straighteners, thanks to excellent functionality for its price. It is by far the most gentle for strands. As a rule, tongs for straightening hair with tourmaline coating are much more expensive.

Plus, the model has a good power of 40-45 W, which provides heating of the working surface in no more than a minute. As soon as the Curling iron is ready to work, the indicator light will light up. There are 6 heating modes; the maximum temperature is 230 °C.

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