How to Uninstall Snapchat Update

howto uninstall snapchat update

How to Uninstall Snapchat Update?

Snapchat continues to give much to talk about around the world, although this time it is not for positive reasons; more than 90% of social media comments are complaints about the new major update, which no one seems to like, and in fact, a large percentage of users recognize that they even hate it. That is why, we will explain how to uninstall snapchat update?

How to Remove Snapchat Update?

If you’re looking to remove latest Snapchat update and return to previous version, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that we have found that today. There are some tricks that actually work to return to the previous version. Although the bad news is that it is probably only temporary solutions. That won’t have greater long-term effects; we will share them here anyway.

In case you have not yet updated your Snapchat to this new version. So you can still avoid reaching it if you disable automatic updates.

But if you are already of those who are suffering from the new version of Snapchat,  a trick through a PPP type VPN.

In the case of Android, you can also manually uninstall the new version and download some APK file with some of the previous versions. For example like version 10.22.7.

Of course, you should take into account that when you revert to an earlier version and delete your Snapchat. You will also be deleting your accumulated memories.

Some other recommendations have also emerged for the specific case of iPhone. However many users report that this trick has started to stop working. Although here we leave the original recipe for you if you want to try.

It should also be noted that through Twitter, the Snapchat account has warned of the inconveniences of performing such tricks. Although of course, they are trying to promote their new version.

how to remove snapchat update

Snapchat Ignores Its Users

For Evan Spiegel and company, the opinion of users seems to matter little. And that is that although it is one of the most hated updates in history. The owners of Snapchat have done nothing but reaffirm their conviction that they did the right thing, pointing out that there is no chance that they can reverse the update released.

To date, 1.2 million people have signed a petition in to demand the changes are reversed, and although many celebrities have also been added to the complaints. Spiegel continues to claim that “celebrities are not friends of the people” and is therefore unwilling to reverse the update.

We’ll see until where it reaches the pressure, and then input the rating of the app both on Android as on iOS has accumulated an unusual amount of low ratings, which could have an impact in the long term.

Although it has become evident that Spiegel wants to look good to investors, and as long as they are satisfied, and Snapchat’s shares continue to rise as they have since the last financial report was published. It will be difficult for us to get back to the Snapchat before. So you know, you can use a trick that will give you temporary joy, either you can start getting used to the new design, or why not, explore other social networks.

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