COVID-19 precautions of Hermest Hair Transplant


Does Hermest Hair Transplant, operating in Istanbul and considered as one of the best hair transplant clinics in Europe continue to offer high-quality service during the COVID-19 pandemic? We have looked into precautions by Hermest Hair Transplant for our valuable readers. Today, we will separately look into the precautions by Hermest Hair Transplant in this period.

We have investigated COVID-19 precautions of Hermest Hair Transplant that gathered the best hair transplant awards in Europe

The ongoing vaccinations, life behind the masks, high sensitivity in all public spaces, and the highest importance to personal hygiene set the frame of our new lifestyle. Hermest Hair Transplant is renewed for the purpose and prepared with a restructured service unity to match the new conditions.
In the all-inclusive packages offered to all guests from abroad, their most important sensitivity to COVID-19 is highlighted. To match the new lifestyle conditions, coronavirus precautions are in all stages of your visit; staff tested with the new type of coronavirus antibody test and special coronavirus antibody tests for guests are only some of the precautions made around the world.

Istanbul, one of the most important centres in hair transplant operations, deserved the position with elegant and quality services. A centre with such reputable hair transplant health institutions, Hermest Hair Transplant managed to show a highly successful performance for long years. It was awarded the best hair transplant clinic in Europe for many consecutive years.

  • Technologic superiority,
  • Fully-equipped private health clinics,
  • Expert medical personnel with extensive know-how,
  • 24/7 service and consultancy for all the needs of the guests before and after the operations
  • Long years of experience

When Hermest hair transplant comments are viewed, 100% customer satisfaction despite COVID-19 was our focus.

Welcoming accommodation in luxurious facilities organised for the new standard, operations in the contracted clinic and a farewell at the end of the recovery for guests from all around the world are ensured with the highest hygienic and protection conditions at every stage.

  • Free COVID-19 antibody test for each guest,
  • Routine PCR test and COVID-19 antibody test to all staff,
  • No elevator is used in the hospital,
  • No air conditioner is used, which helps to spread the COVID-19 virus,
  • Constantly ensuring the top hygienic standards in guest areas, waiting rooms and clinic,
  • All materials during your visit and operation process are single-use sterile materials,
  • High-level of compliance with all the conditions necessitated by the Ministry of Health in the related field,
  • Training all the medical staff according to the Ministry of Health regulations,
  • Spacious and large rooms in hospital and accommodation facilities, including accommodation, consultation and operation rooms.
  • Limited number of guests under COVID-19 precautions,
  • Comfortable and sterile VIP vehicles that transport single passengers in transfer under pandemic precautions,

All health tourism services offered by Hermest Hair Transplant under the world standards created the top-level new standards during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

All guests coming from a foreign country have the chance of a welcome with special transfer vehicles in the airport until their accommodation facility. In this period, the guests are welcomed with comfortable VIP vehicles that transfer a single passenger under pandemic precautions. Just like all other staff, vehicle staff are subjected to regular PCR and COVID-19 antibody tests. The vehicles are sterilised daily and re-sterilised after the transfer of each passenger.

Contacted luxurious accommodation facilities are the facilities that carefully follow the entire regulations of the Ministry of Health. The limited number of guests, sterile and large rooms, not using elevators, special services focusing on all the guests’ needs are among the advantages offered by the facilities. All hospitality facilities ensure full compliance with all notices and recommendations published by the Minister of Health to control and prevent the COVID-19 pandemic.

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