Germany urges Ukraine to reject Turkey extradition request


Germany said on Oct. 18 it hoped Ukraine would quickly reject an Interpol request from Ankara to extradite a Turkish-born man who has been granted asylum status and citizenship by Berlin.

German media have reported that Ukraine arrested the man, identified only as 52-year-old Kemal K., a shop-owner from Cologne with a Ukrainian wife, at the request of the Turkish government.

Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that he had in the past been active in the outlawed far-leftist TKP/ML and fled to Germany in 2007, where he was granted asylum. He was reportedly granted citizenship in 2016.

Ankara accuses the suspect of involvement in two murders, charges which German courts have judged to be politically motivated.

The German Foreign Ministry on Oct. 18 confirmed the case, saying K. was arrested in Ukraine on July 23 but released locally three days later by a Kiev district court.

“He can only leave Ukraine once the prosecution service has made a final decision on Turkey’s extradition request and the Interpol notice has been cancelled,” said a ministry spokeswoman.

“Our embassy in Kiev is dealing with the case … We are urging the Ukraine authorities to quickly reach a decision to enable K. to return to Germany.”

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