German company seeks arrest warrant for Turkish woman


A German insurance firm has submitted an application to the Turkish judiciary for an arrest warrant against Yasemin Gündoğan, a Turkish national accused of stealing 8.2 million euros from the company.

The insurance company in Bremen took legal action after German media reports claimed that Gündoğan was searching for investment land in the Turkish city of Bilecik. In May 2021, the company had already compensated the full amount of the alleged theft.

According to Die Welt, Gündoğan is reported to be residing in a pool villa in an Aegean town, accompanied by friends who are believed to have assisted her in the robbery.

The German daily alleged that Gündoğan executed the theft with the help of a 41-year-old security personnel named Henning B., who she was dating at the time. The paper further asserts that Gündoğan fled to Türkiye, transporting the stolen money in a minibus rented from Berlin. The vehicle was later equipped with a counterfeit license plate.

Turkish nationals Yiğit T. and Büşra Ş. are also implicated in aiding Gündoğan. The latter was apprehended upon her return to Germany two weeks following the incident.

In a petition to the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, lawyer Doğan Uysal revealed that Gündoğan allegedly traveled to Vienna by road after the incident and subsequently entered Türkiye through Istanbul Airport on May 22, 2021. Uysal also noted that an arrest warrant had been issued for the other suspect, Yiğit T, who remains at large.


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