Former French ambassadors dismiss Israel’s ‘illusionary’ Hamas goal


A group of former French ambassadors have dismissed Israel’s stated goal of eliminating Hamas as “illusionary,” calling for a permanent solution in Gaza.

In an op-ed published in Le Monde on Nov. 25, the 18 former ambassadors said Israel had embarked on a strategy of total war in Gaza that is “as brutal as it is futile, and increasingly contested.”

“‘Eradicating Hamas’ is more of a slogan than a realistic objective,” the former ambassadors wrote.

“In 2006, Israel had already proclaimed its desire to ‘eradicate Hezbollah,’ with the known results. Such a strategy is illusory.”

Hamas, which has already been targeted by five deadly military campaigns, will inevitably be reborn, the envoys said, noting that the Israeli army will not be able to defeat a movement supported by a large part of the Palestinian population, in Gaza as well as in the West Bank, “in the face of a disqualified Palestinian Authority.”

They also stressed that “everything must be done” to extend the four-day truce between Israel and Hamas in order to forge a lasting ceasefire.

The ex-diplomats said a two-state solution is still worth attempting despite being “increasingly difficult to build” due to the annexation of greater Jerusalem and growing settlements in the occupied West Bank

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