First Birthday Of A Deceased Loved One

first birthday of a deceased loved one

First Birthday Of A Deceased Loved One

People celebrate the first birthday of a deceased loved one in a special way. Orthodox Christians planning to turn away everlasting torment and carry a relative closer to paradise. Individuals are dependent upon death, there’s no way around it. It remains only to remember the dead correctly, and in this pious work, the Church will help.

The Correct Tradition Of Remembrance

People who have died should be cared for with the help of Liturgy and alms, as well as prayers. Alms will not hurt the deceased either an action by which any help to a person in need is meant. As for prayer, it leads to the salvation of the souls of the dead.

Nicholas Ouspensky claims that God will have mercy on every soul for which prayers are regularly offered. If the birthday of the deceased falls on a Saturday, you can order a funeral service.

visiting the grave as a tribute

Visiting The Grave As A Tribute

The hectic lifestyle of the modern man does not allow regular visits to the cemetery. The birthday of a deceased relative is a good reason to visit the burial place. It can be combined with cleaning the grave and giving alms to people met. You can bring children with you. However, they need to be ready for mental trauma that is why, you should prepare them for that.

You can only bring fresh flowers and a candle to the grave. Drinking alcohol here is unethical because, this tradition is considered a pagan relic. It is desirable to read a prayer for the repose of the soul and also it is necessary to talk quietly. Disrespect to the deceased recognized fun, laughter, quarrels and squabbles between relatives. Also, you can’t cry because tears will disturb the soul of the dead.

How To Celebrate The Birthday Of The deceased in Modern Times?

In the modern world, Orthodox traditions allow changing the date of birth of the deceased person. The Orthodox Church not only says that it is possible to spend this day in a cemetery but also to some extent it is necessary. It is especially good to give alms in a cemetery on the birthday of a dead person. Of course, it is not accepted and not recommended to arrange gatherings and drink alcoholic beverages on the grave of the deceased.

According to the Ministers of the Church, such gatherings can cause the soul of the deceased only harm and great suffering. On the coffin, you can bring dry or artificial flowers and a candle or lamp.

A Modern View Of Going To The Grave On The Birthday Of The Deceased

A Modern View Of Going To The Grave On The Birthday Of The Deceased

Modern people are a little superstitious, so few people today will be interest in the question of what to do on the birthday of a dead person. People are increasingly turning to the Church.

It is also recommended that together with the priest go to the grave of the deceased so that he would honor the memory of the deceased and read a prayer. Very often after such a rite of passage relatives remain near the grave and Express to a loved one all their bad weather, troubles. In many countries, on this day, it is customary to distribute treats in the form of sweets to relatives and neighbors to remember the deceased.

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