Dublin Airport Smoking Area

dublin airport smoking area

Dublin Airport Smoking Area

More than 20 million travelers go through Dublin Airport every year. Such is the dullness of movement nowadays, be that as it may, a large number of us do so like zombies. Trudging from sack drop to boarding without truly benefiting from the experience. For all us addicts, there is currently a smoking area at Dublin airport after the security area. Turn directly after security and head for Pier D and you will run over another shopping area. Take the lift/stairs there up to Burger King and there it is inverse, Dublin airport smoking area in The Garden Terrace Bar.

favorite the terrace garden bar

Favorite The Garden Terrace Bar

Gone are the days, actually, when anybody could smoke in Dublin Airport. In case you’re flying from T1, in any case, and are edgy for a last puff. There is an airside smoking area in the Garden Terrace Bar. It’s en route to Gates 101-121/201-220.

Outside: Smoking is allowed in stamped areas outside the terminal structures.

Inside: Once you have made it past security, smoking is allowed uniquely in Terminal 1 on the outside terrace which can be gotten to from inside The Garden Terrace bar/café which is situated in “The Loop”. Head towards Food Court 2 to discover it, it’s upstairs.

terminal gates

Terminal Gates

A walkway between Dublin Airport’s Terminals 1 and 2 is accessible for the individuals. But you have not yet gone through the security checkpoint. In any case, those arrival at Terminal 1 and withdrawing by means of corresponding flight from Terminal 2 don’t have to utilize this exit. For this situation, the course that you have to take will be signposted. And the lodge team from your past flight will assist you with making the best possible associations.

On the off chance that, then again, you land at Terminal 1 and might want to visit Terminal 2 preceding proceeding into Dublin city appropriate, the walkway is undeniably found. When you pass the security checkpoint things recover area, make a right-hand turn and take the lift up to the Departures area on the floor above. The passageway to the walkway is opposite Check-in area 1.

This is a secured, glassed-in walkway appropriate for all climate. There is likewise an outside way associating the two terminals for those need to get some natural air. The course is plainly signposted.

Smoking in Airport

T1 after security smoking area upstairs in brew garden, T2 has no smoking yet. After security follow the signs to entryways 100 to 300 and continue strolling right until you see Boots and different shops. Then you are in T1 and can go upstairs to lager garden. Anyway it takes at any rate 10-15 mins every way so best extra 30 mins for your smoke.

Additionally to note you can stroll to this area from Terminal 2 on the airside takeoffs level, its a 10 to brief walk every way.

Once through Security go right and search for “Nourishment Court 2”. It is found upstairs got to by elevator or lift. Over here you will discover the “Garden Terrace” were smoking is allowed.

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