‘Donate a doner’ campaign launched in UK


While many countries stood by Türkiye after the quakes, a new campaign called “Donate a doner” was launched in the United Kingdom.

As efforts to heal the wounds in the region continue, in order to collect aid for Türkiye and Syria, a campaign was launched with doner, one of the most popular street foods.

There are more than 20,000 doner shops in the U.K. and one out of every 10 British people eat doner every day, meaning that approximately 1.3 million portions of doner are consumed in the U.K. daily.

It is stated that the average portion price is 5 pounds and if each doner consumer donates the price of an extra portion, 45 million pounds (1 billion Turkish Liras) of aid could be collected in a week.

As part of the charity campaign, customers can donate 5 pounds by scanning the QR code placed in doner shops.

All of the donations to be collected will be delivered to quake survivors in Türkiye and Syria.

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