Cheap Trips To Antarctica

cheap trips to antarctica

Cheap Trips To Antarctica

Like any trip, a trip to Antarctica needs to start with preparation. In this case, to limit the order and payment of the tour will not be enough. We have prepared for you a detailed description of the routes, programs, a list of things you need to take with you and other useful information about cheap trips to Antarctica.

history of tourism to antarctica

History of Tourism to Antarctica

Until recently, our ideas about traveling towards the South pole were limited to the achievements of expeditions of polar scientists and a few extreme athletes. But exciting stories about the wildlife of Antarctica, bound by ice, photos of its inhabitants, impressions of the surprises of the weather-all this did not give rest to many adventurers.

Sea communication with Antarctica began in the 20ies of the last century when the mail ships of the Falkland Islands began to deliver to the mainland mail and equipment for whalers. And the first commercial trips began to transport tourists only in the 60s. After 10 years, air carriers started to support the interest of tourists in this direction, organizing air travel to Antarctica. They were carried out in Australia and New Zealand.

Point of Departure – Argentina

From Argentina to the Antarctic coast, tourists can reach only by sea. The main Argentine port, receiving ships of this direction, is located in the South of the country, in the city of Ushuaia. For tourists, it is the most economical and short way. Vessels have different option: luxury, expedition and economy class.

Point of Departure – Chile

From the capital of Patagonia, Punta arenas, ships and commercial flights depart for Antarctica. Air travel from the Chilean coast designed for one or two days.

Going from Punta arenas to Antarctica, you can pass the dreaded tourists Drake Strait. Such routes transit through King George island, which you will get after a 2-hour flight from the North Coast of the Strait of Magellan.

Departure Point – New Zealand

Two major transport hubs, Lyttelton and Christchurch, located in New Zealand, offer links to Antarctica by both sea and air. New Zealand air carriers operate both non-stop flights (sightseeing tours) and flights with a landing on the ice strip. Wilkins. Australian aircraft has been doing process of landing in antarctica, but this intended only for scientific expeditions.

unforgettable impression

Unforgettable Impression

Tourists in recent years interest in stepping on the cold coast of Antarctica and bring a lot of emotions. They infect with their stories those who have not yet decided on such a trip, and the received feelings of the pioneers. Every year the possibilities of Antarctic tourism only expand and open new horizons for adventurers. Even if you have some time to save and save money for such an outing. Believe me, it’s worth it.

The first people who are attracted to Antarctica are people who are interested in the ecosystem of our planet. Extreme sports enthusiasts show a special interest in Antarctic travel for another test of their abilities, photographers, for whom the ice coast becomes a real shooting platform, and divers, realizing their desire to see the world from under the ice.

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