Castles To Spend The Night in Ireland

Castles to spend the night in Ireland

Castles To Spend The Night in Ireland

Do you dream of living in an old Palace with evenings by the fireplace and leisurely walks along with the majestic portraits? You don’t have to be the Duchess of Cambridge to do that. Today you can fly for a weekend in Ireland and stay in a hotel, stylized architectural masterpieces of the past or you can choose castles to spend the night in Ireland. We selected the best places to stay in a Royal way in Ireland.

Dublin Castle

Dublin castle is the main government building. King John the Landless built with his order  after an Normans attack. Today, Dublin castle hosts conferences and meetings of important people. When there is no formal meeting in the castle, tourists can visit here.

cahir castle

Cahir Castle

Cahir Castle is situating on the island in the waterway Suir in County Tipperary. Thanks to the wise policy of its owners “always give up without a fight” and they built in the 12th century. The castle is perfectly preserve. In the Museum of the castle, you can see the miniature “Capture of Cahir castle” consisting of 1000 figures of soldiers.

Castle Rock Cough

Castle Rock Cough is a manor that filled in as the habitation of the lords of Munster. It was raised in the fourth century, and after a century Saint Patrick lived and lectured here. After Cromwell’s attack, Cashel turned into an image of the versatility of the Irish individuals. Today you can see various private and business structures.

Bunratty Castle

Bunratty castle is an amazing treasure of Ireland, which can be the envy of the whole world. Exceptional even not superbly safeguarded dividers of the medieval fortification, yet as a matter of first importance the circumstance of 15-16 centuries an irregularity in our occasions vast.

clonony castle

Clonony Castle

Clonony castle is the seat of the Tudors and the resting place of the Royal Boleyn sisters. The compositional predominant of the castle is a 15-meter tower, on the domain of the delightful nurseries encompassed by a canal. In Clonony there are all the main elements of fortification; whole, killer, spiral staircase and courtyard.

Charleville castle

Charleville forest castle, which served as the coronation center of the Stuart dynasty one of the most beautiful in Ireland. Built-in the Gothic style and well preserved, it rises above the river Shannon near Dalmore.

A typical Irish landscape; boundless emerald hills and plains with majestic ancient castles rising as if from the ground. The country is literally dotted with these medieval buildings and feudal estates scattered throughout its territory, especially many fortresses in the Western part of the island. Irish castles are even considered an unofficial symbol of the country.

Celts, Normans and even Vikings built The most ancient Irish castles; in different eras they looked different and they intended for different needs. The construction of the first castles on the emerald Isle dates back to the beginning of the 12th century, shortly after the invasion of England by the army of William the Conqueror, and almost immediately castle construction in Ireland became massive.

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