Best Restaurants Berlin

best restaurants berlin

Best Restaurants Berlin

Berlin can be difficult to explore. It’s probably the biggest city in Europe and there’s no midtown zone. Rather, there are huge locale comprised of littler neighborhoods that each have their own market, park, or square. In this case, people want to know which are the best restaurants in Berlin. Because, people can have a better eating experience in these restaurants.
Such an extensive amount Berlin’s appeal is its endless neighborhood bistros and bars known uniquely to local people. If you don’t want to eat in a bad restaurant, this guide will help you.

Best Restaurants in Berlin

best restaurants berlin kin dee

Kin Dee

If you like Thai cuisine, this is the place for you. Kin Dee is one step ahead with fresh ingredients and perfectly prepared dishes. Looking to give its customers a fine dining experience, this restaurant won its first Michelin star in 2019. That is why, we gave first place to Kin Dee in our best restaurants in Berlin list.
best restaurants berlin coda


Our next restaurant comes up with a completely different concept. The restaurant, which contains only desserts and drinks in its menu content, is among the most preferred. The coda restaurant is also among the winners of its first Michelin star last year. By the way, head to the bar for a superlative cocktail.
best restaurants berlin Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

This restaurant has also received a Michelin star. When you ring the bell at the entrance, the staff who greeted you at the door escorted you inside. The restaurant’s design is quite beautiful and classic. There is no à la carte service in the restaurant. Also, if you are vegetarian or allergic to any product, they prepare accordingly if you have notified the restaurant in advance.

Best Bars in Berlin



This wine bar works using the rule of relying on trust. After 8pm (for only 2 euros) you get a glass which you can fill, and fill, and fill. The spot is packed with bottles for a full assortment of wines to test. Toward the finish of the night put the same number of euros in the container as you might suspect you spent.
hops and barley

Hops and Barley

Hops and Barley is a standout amongst other set up German microbreweries in Berlin. Situated in Friedrichshain in a previous butcher’s shop, it is traditionally finished with painted tiles, wood bar, and the occupant bar hound. The straightforward help and straight-forward, delectable mixes are valued by travelers and local people the same.
Vagabund Brauerei

Vagabund Brauerei

Vagabund was opened by three Americans who found a home in Berlin. Their lager has been at the bleeding edge of the specialty brew scene in Berlin. Since 2013, Vagabund has been brewing more than 150 styles of beer. Also their enthusiasm for good lager can be talked about face to face with the founders. By the way, one of them is generally mixing drinks.

Best Burger in Berlin

Tommi's Burger Joint

Tommi’s Burger Joint

If you ever are around Rosenthaler Platz and you want to have probably the best burger in Berlin then you have to make a beeline for Tommi’s Burger Joint.
Perfectly grilled meat. The soft warm bun. The fresh veggies. The sauce and the simply glorious combination of great food and fast service. With this definition, They also make themselves known as hamburger king.
Rembrandt Burger

Rembrandt Burger

Without an uncertainty perhaps the best burger I had so far in my life. They offer only a restricted decision of extraordinary burgers at Rembrandt, yet every burger is the ideal mix of incredible succulent meat and the best fixings joined.
The Bird

The Bird

You can consider the Bird decisively a genuine Berlin burger organization. The restaurant, which serves many delicious burgers, is of great interest.
Their attention on great quality meat, which is prepared newly, and their silly measured burgers (little buns enormous patty, the manner in which it ought to be) make a visit to The Bird extraordinary.

Best Coffee in Berlin

The Barn Roastery

The Barn Roastery

The Barn which opened in 2010 in order to reestablish a genuine coffee culture in Berlin. They serve probably the best coffee we’ve had in the city—or anyplace in Germany, so far as that is concerned. And also, You can buy and use their coffee products at home to always get to their delicious coffees.
Bonanza Coffee Heroes

Bonanza Coffee Heroes

Found right in the center of the exquisite Oderberger Strasse in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood, only a couple of lanes south of well known Mauerpark, Bonanza Coffee opened in 2006—a lifetime prior, in Berlin years—and has something of a strict after among third-wave coffee fans.
Refugio Café

Refugio Café

Refugio café is really an amazing place. There are many reasons why we want to talk about this cafe. We want to start with the most important of these. You can take part in different events while drinking coffee at this café. Because Refugio is a mix of share house, café and event space. By the way, You can have delicious coffee on the ground floor. Before I forget, it also has a very nice terrace, but it is not yet open to the general public.

Best Kebab in Berlin

Mustafas Gemüse Kebab

Mustafas Gemüse Kebab

If you have not attempted Mustafas Gemüse Kebab then you don’t know exactly how magnificent a newly arranged Kebab can have an aftertaste like.
On the off chance that you just have the opportunity to attempt one Kebab, at that point ensure you head out to Kreuzberg and check out Mustafas.
Just the best Kebab in Berlin and around the world.
Konyali Berlin

Konyali Berlin

After finding out about Mustafas one may imagine that there can be no other Kebab place approach. Be that as it may, have confidence Konyali is completely worth an attempt too.
Strategically placed in a side road off Kottbusser Tor Konyali as of late redesigned and purchased Der Gerät.
Rüyam Gemüse Kebab Berlin

Rüyam Gemüse Kebab Berlin

Rüyam Gemüse Kebab place opened up a branch in Prenzlauer Berg with incredible appraisals on Google. The kebabs made from chicken meat really have an incredible flavor. It also offers you a selection of different bread and sauce for kebab. It’s one of the reasons many people prefer it here.
At the same time, the employees are always welcoming the customers. Because of this, customers always feel at home.
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