Best Hair Product For Men

best hair product for men

Best Hair Product For Men

The difference between good and bad hair is not always in the genes, but usually how the hair is styled and with what kind of products affected largely. Do you use the best hair product for men, available out on the market? Have you tested among different options (fiber, wax, gel, pomade, etc.) and found one that suits you best? Read on if you want to understand the difference between different styling products and find the one suitable for your hair!

There is a good explanation for the wide selection of hair products; all hair products give different results. You can choose between glossy or matte finish with durability from cement hard to light texture. Some products are applied to damp hair and some require dry hair.

Hair Wax

High hold, low to medium shine.

Wax gives texture to shorter hair, which would otherwise be difficult to handle. If you apply the wax near the scalp, you get stronger durability for longer hair of approx. 5-8 cm. Hairstyles longer than 8cm require lighter hair products. Wax can also be used to complete longer style. Heat the wax in the tips of the fingers and hone single straws and other places needed.



Medium hold, low shine when applied to dry hair, medium shine if applied to damp hair.

Every kid who styles his hair should own a paste. Paste provides texture and determination for short and semi-long hair styles, when applying it to dry hair. If you apply paste to damp hair, you get more formability and flexibility. Paste keeps throughout the day, without choking the scalp.

Paste, in addition, is an ideal product for thin hair; small amount in dry hair provides a light hold and lift without covering the hair root. The hair gets more volume and seems thicker than it really is.


Medium hold, high shines.

Heard of Fast Cash or maybe Grease? Do not be afraid to use pomade, especially in parties or special occasions; you will be cruel. Pomade is more docile than gel, which makes your style seem more docile.

Pomade is a perfect product for everyday use, because one can re-shape his hairstyle through the day, it remains only to have a comb with him. For lighter styles it is enough only with your fingertips.


High hold, not shine.

Fiber is one of the best hair products for men with thick hair; always apply to dry hair to get texture as well as everything in the right place. You get a completely matte result and a perfectly disheveled look. The product is also suitable for guys with thinner hair, because completely matte wax also gives texture and volume.

If you want a product that is easier to comb, especially in thick hair, then you need to test on clay. Fiber does not fit very well with a comb, so you have to work with your fingers instead.


Medium hold, low shine when applying to dry hair, medium shine when applying to damp hair.

Clay is a versatile styling product, such as paste. When applying clay to damp hair (on the contrary, as in dry hair), you get a little more hold and shine. Compared to paste, you get more texture, but less ductility through the day.

That is, you cannot fix your hairstyle just as well through the day. So if you’re going to wear a hat on your head choose paste and if you leave your hat at home, choose clay.

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